Best DSLR Cameras of 2016 Under $500

When you are left with a small budget like $500 for a camera then a strong motivation is needed in order to take the purchase step. There are a number of compact and mirrorless cameras which fall under this range. However, it will be a bad luck to miss the fact that some entry level DSLRs also fall in this range.

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Some DSLR cameras have price less than $500 along with an additional kit lens. On the other hand, this kit lens must not be compared with pro lenses which you purchase separately. This kit lens is just perfect for people who have to get in touch with entry level DSLR photography.

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$500 has a list of cameras with some amazing photographic features. The most impressive thing about these cameras is their uniqueness and advanced features which they introduce in order to capture a win in market. We have done this hard but humble effort to inform you about some best DSLR cameras of 2016 under $500.


Canon EOS Rebel T5Canon-Rebel-T5

No one can ever forget about Canon EOS Rebel T5 while talking about a fully responsive DSLR with full accessories. Even a beginner’s level DSLR can be very expensive therefore affording extra accessories becomes the real problem after you end up purchasing them. Canon EOS Rebel T5 comes in just $439 along with great number of high quality accessories.


This is not all about this magnificent camera because it accompanies high tech features for amateur photographers. With 16 mega pixels optical sensor resolution, DIGIT image processing and 3X optical zoom; Canon EOS Rebel T5 has made a permanent mark in the history of DSLR cameras.


You can also purchase this camera separately for just $399 along with just a single lens. The nine point auto focus system and full HD video recording make Canon EOS Rebel T5 as one of the most prominent DSLRs in market.

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Important specifications of Focal length 18mm to 55mm:

  • 18 mega pixels optical sensor resolution
  • 6X optical zoom
  • Aperture range f/ 3.5 to f/ 38
  • 9 auto focus points
  • Average battery life of 500 photos per second
  • Continuous shooting speed of 3 frames per second
  • Full HD 1080p video recording
  • Average battery life of 500 photos per second
  • CMOS optical sensor technology
  • DIGIC 4 processor
  • ISO range: 100 to 6400
  • Focal length 18mm to 55mm

Features of Focal length 18mm to 55mm:

Here are some prominent features of Canon EOS Rebel T5 to help you with comparisons.

·         Compatible with GPS:

An additional GP E2 GPS receiver can be attached to Canon EOS Rebel T5 for receiving longitude and latitude of any picture you capture. You can now keep track of all the images which you capture on any trip, journey or important location.

·         18 mega pixels CMOS sensor:

You can now get immaculately sharp images with 18 mega pixels resolution and CMOS sensor. These features along with DIGIC image processor make up the best images with least noise. DIGIC-4 processor also makes sure that Canon EOS Rebel T5 will shoot at the speed of 4 frames per second, if needed.

·         HD video recording:

Videos are the vital part of learning process for any photographer who wants to become professional. Canon EOS Rebel T5 offers HD video recording along with awesome continuous focus to churn out a video which can easily compete with any pro camera.

Pros of Focal length 18mm to 55mm:

Advantages of Canon EOS Rebel T5 are luring thus they must be explained in order to encourage rational decisional making. Canon EOS Rebel T5 has following main advantages:

  • amazing continuous focus during video shooting mode
  • Accurate and fast focus
  • Good image quality
  • Easy to use DSLR
  • Weight is just 480 grams
  • High resolution LCD


Sony Alpha DSLR A350Ksony-alpha-dslr-a350

2008 have been an attacking year for Sony because they introduced three DSLR cameras with full frame. Sony Alpha DSLR A350K belongs exactly to the mid of these cameras in term of price as well as features. It is ranked above the entry level cameras like A200 and A300 but below the professionals like A700.


While analysing working and features, Sony Alpha DSLR A350K looks more like the Sony A200 version. It has shown a significant improvement by introducing 14 mega pixels resolution, tilting LCD and lived view. Besides these improvements, Sony Alpha DSLR A350K has same image stabilization, dust protection and ISO range.


Sony Alpha DSLR A350K has declared some notable differences and advantages over every other model in this range. However, we have to see that whether these advantages can be translated in to real world or not? With a price less than $500, it has clearly passed the first criteria for affordable DSLR. Some other features and advantages are mentioned below.

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Specifications of Sony Alpha DSLR A350K:

Noticeable advantages of Sony Alpha DSLR A350K are mentioned here to assist you with your decision making process.

  • 2 optical sensor technology
  • 9 X optical zoom
  • 9 auto focus points along with a centre cross
  • Tilting LCD display
  • Continuous shooting speed of 3 frames per second
  • Expanded ISO level from 100 to 3200
  • Manual and automatic focus type
  • Optical view finder with 0.74X resolution
  • CCD photo and optical sensor technology
  • Focal length range 18mm to 70mm
  • Maximum horizontal resolution is 4592
  • Maximum shutter speed of 1/4000 of a second
  • Sensor shift image stabilization technology

Important features of Sony Alpha DSLR A350K:

You will feel a real rise in your standards of excellence at the step up stage of your photography career with the help of Sony Alpha DSLR A350K. It is a perfect camera for shooting family photos as well as fine art images. You will feel perfectly linked to your subject with the help of tilted LCD and optical view finder.


Continuous shooting speed and super quick auto focus assist Sony Alpha DSLR A350K in churning out perfect photos of moving objects. Here are some important features of Sony Alpha DSLR A350K which clearly differentiate it from others in market.


14 mega pixels optical sensor resolution:

You can now capture landscapes and then crop out the part which you think will be perfect if displayed separately. Images of Sony Alpha DSLR A350K will be perfectly capable of handling your creativity in all aspects. Such detailed images will reveal every single secret of image which you want to expose.


Articulated LCD:

Selfies will no more be a photo bomb with bad focus and composition. Articulated LCD of Sony Alpha DSLR A350K will let you compose your selfie in whatever way you want for having the perfect result. This LCD is also capable of capturing inspiring images from the top of a crowd. Therefore, you must purchase Sony Alpha DSLR A350K for your next party.


Explore your creativity with manual controls:

Manual controls over focus and other camera settings will let you learn the real DSLR experience. Sony Alpha DSLR A350K is not a tough one to handle because it has a complete description booklet to inform you about operations. Auto modes are also applicable in most of your surroundings but manual has its own charm.


You will be able to feel the level of your own creativity with manual as well as auto controls. You will also learn to use these settings according to different situations and scenarios.


High shutter speed:

Sony Alpha DSLR A350K has the highest shutter speed of 1/4000 second. It is applicable in action and sports photography so Sony Alpha DSLR A350K is perfect for learners who have the aim to become action photographer in future.


Pros of Sony Alpha DSLR A350K:

Learning about the advantages and disadvantages of Sony Alpha DSLR A350K is the only way to analyse your choice before making the purchase. Prominent advantages of Sony Alpha DSLR A350K are stated below:

  • Exceptionally low price
  • 14 mega pixels optical sensor resolution for perfectly detailed images
  • Image stabilization is incorporated which is necessary for beginners
  • Light weight compact body
  • Built in flash
  • Wide ISO range for perfect capturing in all light conditions


Canon EOS 600Dcanon eos 600d

Canon EOS 600D is the considered to be a top DSLR among all the entry level cameras ever introduced by Canon. With 18 mega pixel optical sensor resolution and a high resolution Vari angle LCD. Canon EOS 600D is also known as T3i in South America. The 63 zone metering system of Canon EOS 600D is identical to that of Canon EOS 7D.


Wide ISO range and 3.7 frames per second shooting speed make it prominent among DSLR cameras available at this price range of $488. Canon EOS 600D is a small DSLR camera with plastic body having light weight therefore it can be carried anywhere without any issues.

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Important specifications of Canon EOS 600D:

Here are some noticeable specifications of Canon EOS 600D which explain its technical excellence in terms of use and resultant images.

  • Effective still resolution of 18 mega pixels
  • 3X optical and 10X digital zoom
  • 58mm photo filter thread size
  • CMOS optical sensor technology
  • In built self timer and one USB spot
  • Weight is 1.26 pounds
  • Maximum shutter speed is 30 seconds to capture good images in dark surroundings
  • Aperture range is f/3.5 to f/5.6
  • Maximum focal length of 55mm
  • Creative and basic filters
  • DIGIC 4 processor
  • Fully articulated LCD
  • Full HD video recording

Important features of Canon EOS 600D:

Canon EOS 600D is a well featured camera which stays well beyond the traditional DSLRs meant for entry level photographers. Canon EOS 600D aims at making life easier for learners by introducing high tech features.


Here are some advanced features of Canon EOS 600D which make it as one of the most attractive cameras around the world.


18 mega pixels image sensor:

18 mega pixels CMOS are enough to provide you a fish eye detail in any image at beginner’s level. Such a camera sensor has full capability of recording detailed images which can be expanded in to whatever size you want. Image sensor of Canon EOS 600D has aspect ratio of 3:2 and auto cleaning system. 1.6X field of view can be created with its APS-C size processor.


DIGIC 4 image processor:

DIGIC-4 technology in a camera less than $500 is nothing less than a treat. This ultimately fast processor produces quick images and help with fast shutter speed as well as high continuous shooting speed capability. The phenomenal level of performance is achieved when DIGIC 4 processor works with CMOS image sensor.


Wide range of ISO:

You can now produce exceptional quality images at all kinds of situations and surroundings. ISO range of Canon EOS 600D is 100 to 6400 however it can be further expanded to 12800. You can shoot perfectly in dim and bright light situations and even in places where no photo seems possible without flash.


Full HD video recording:

Your HD dream will not remain a dream anymore because Canon EOS 600D is here to provide you with exceptional quality footages as well as videos. It does not only provide quality but user’s ease is also given full importance and attention. A full HD movie 1920 X 1080 can be captured with 3 to 10 X digital zoom which magnifies the centre of an image.


Pros of Canon EOS 600D:

Important advantages of Canon EOS 600D are listed below:

  • High resolution video with excellent image quality
  • Good battery life
  • Articulated LCD
  • External microphone socket
  • Remote control of flash gun is a nice addition to rebel series

All the above mentioned DSLR cameras are available in price less than $500 but they also lack some high tech features of professional cameras. They are perfect for learners due to budget, ease of use and entry level features. You must hurry in purchasing the one that sits you best according to your needs.

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