10 Cheap DSLR Cameras 2016

Unlike smart phones and other technical products DSLR camera manufacturing companies stay away from launching newer version every month. Therefore you must not expect a wide variety of DSLR cameras in market while searching for the best one. Almost every camera company has come up with a number of cheap entry level DSLR cameras but all of them are not the best.


You must look for easy to use camera which comes in low price range. Here are ten cheap DSLR cameras 2016 which you must consider while looking for the best cameras in affordable price.

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1. Pentax K-50pentax k-50

Pentax K-50 is easy to use DSLR camera which provides full setting control to avid photographers. It is one of the digital SLRs which provide advanced controls for all types of functions along with detailed description of settings from company.


Pentax K-50 is a mid level DSLR with advanced functionality and fast shooting speed. Main specifications of Pentax K-50 are:


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Specifications of Pentax K-50:

  • 16 mega pixels optical sensor resolution
  • 1x optical zoom
  • Continuous shooting speed of 6 frames per second
  • 11 auto focus points
  • Maximum shutter speed of 1/6000 of a second
  • Sensor shift image stabilization
  • CMOS photo sensor technology
  • PRIME M processor1080 HD video making capability
  • Extended ISO range from 100 to 51,600
  • Optical view finder
  • Weather and dust resistant
  • Average battery life of 410 photos per charge
  • Optional GPS
  • RAW, JPEG, DCF 2.0 complaint, PIM III and DPOF file format

Why Pentax K-50:

Basic advantages of Pentax K-50 include:

  • Fast continuous shooting
  • 41 auto focus points for precision in all types of pictures
  • Wide auto ISO range for ease in settings
  • Available in bold colours
  • PENTAX original weather sealing
  • Large APS-C sensor
  • Comes with eye-fi capability to allow you fast sharing of images

2. Canon EOS rebel T5icanon eos rebel t5i

Great stills and video shooting along with touch screen operation differentiate Canon EOS rebel T5i in terms of technology and innovation. The touch screen interface is well designed and comprehensive for novice photographers.


Auto focus mode during view and video mode is just perfect to ensure speedy and accurate outcome with the help of continuous focus. All crossed nine point auto focus system ensures precision in both portrait and landscape position.


Professional and easy video making options are offered by Canon EOS rebel T5i without any compromise of quality. It can record at different sizes and with different frame rates. Easy manual controls of different video features make Canon EOS rebel T5i best for beginners.  These controls include focus, live view and exposure.


Vari angle touch screen LCD makes it different among many other options available in market. This 3 inch LCD incorporates inspiring and captivating technology for providing clear view of your subject.


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Specifications of Canon EOS rebel T5i:

Main specifications of Canon EOS rebel T5i include the following.

  • Optical sensor resolution of 18 mega pixels
  • 1x optical zoom
  • 9 cross auto focus points
  • Continuous shooting speed of 5 frames per second
  • CMOS photo sensor technology
  • DIGIC 5 processor
  • Extended ISO range from 100 to 25,600
  • Maximum aperture is f/5.6
  • Maximum shooting speed is 1/4000 of a second

Why Canon EOS rebel T5i:

  • High quality JPEG mode
  • Incredible HD movie making option with a socket for external mic
  • Good auto focus even while using the view finder
  • A comprehensive touch screen interface

3. Nikon D3300nikon d3300

There is a lot to count while analysing Nikon D3300 as a perfect beginner DSLR camera. High quality and high resolution images have been the main focus of engineering while Nikon D3300’s making. 24 mega pixels CMOS sensor works with EXPEED 4 processor to provide an unbelievable picture quality which is astonishing for a beginner.


1080/60p HD video recording opportunity is rare among the DSLR cameras of this class. However Nikon D3300 has incorporated decently without any excessive price. It has the tendency to capture vibrant colours with an option of softly blurring the background. The high speed EXPEED 4 processor lets you capture five frames per second for making sure that you do not miss anything.


Fun special effects, spectacular panoramas and in built guidance mode make it perfect for learners.


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Specifications of Nikon D3300:

  • 2 mega pixels optical sensor resolution
  • EXPEED 4 processor
  • 3x optical zoom
  • Continuous shooting speed of 5 frames per second
  • Optional GPS
  • Aperture range f/3.5 to f/22
  • Focal length range: 18mm to 55mm
  • Maximum shooting speed of 1/4000 of a second
  • 11 auto focus points
  • Battery life of 700 photos on average

Why Nikon D3300:

Reasons which make beginners to prefer Nikon D3300 are:

  • Its sensor is one of the best in this class
  • Light weight and well balanced body shape
  • HD videos and high quality still images
  • Long average battery life

4. Nikon D5200:nikon d5200

Nikon D5200 is a nice digital SLR which offers high quality features at very low price. It is said to be solid in delivering quality as well as ease of use. Articulated LCD along with its high ISO performance makes it the legend among introductory cameras.


Every single effect of Nikon D5200 was created while considering creativity as well as flexibility. Vary angle LCD make sure that you will be able to take quality images even in odd situations. Built in HDR makes sure that the quality will not be compromised in a situation when subject is located in a mixture of highly bright and dark areas.


Special effect and filters also make it possible for learners to take best shots very easily. Renowned NIKKOR lens works with 24.1 mega pixels DX format CMOS sensor to provide spectacular image quality as well as clarity. Full HD videos can be composed easily with fully articulated LCD.


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Specifications of Nikon D5200:

  • 24 mega pixels optical sensor resolution
  • Maximum shutter speed of 1/4000 of a second
  • 39 auto focus points
  • Continuous shooting speed of 3 frames per second
  • 1x optical zoom
  • CMOS photo sensor technology with EXPEED 3 processor
  • Auto ISO range of 100 to 6400

Why Nikon D5200?

Here are reasons for why you should prefer Nikon D5200.

  • A good portion of screen is covered by 39 auto focus points
  • Good video feature with a micro phone feature
  • Lens focal length and ISO selection can be linked
  • Delivers equally incredible quality in JPEG and RAW

5. Nikon D3100:nikon d3100

Speedy operations, straight forward handling and high quality images make Nikon D3100 as one of the best entry level DSLR cameras. 14.2 mega pixels DX format sensor successfully delivers high quality images which can be printed in size of 20 x 30 inches.


Cinematic quality videos can be recorded in 1080 pixels HD format with full time auto focus and high quality sound. Nikon D3100 has a guide mode with intuitive controls which help you to take best pictures at every single step. Fast 11 point auto focus makes sure that you get razor sharp images.


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Specifications of Nikon D3100:

  • 2x optical zoom
  • 7x digital zoom
  • Continuous shooting speed of 7fps
  • EXPEED 2 processor
  • CMOS photo sensor technology
  • 2 mega pixels optical sensor resolution
  • Minimum aperture f/3.5
  • Focal length 35mm to 55mm
  • Maximum shutter speed is 1/4000 of a second


Why Nikon D3100:

It should be preferred because if offers:

  • Low price
  • High image quality
  • A lot of manual control options in a beginner friendly interface
  • Auto focus is highly sophisticated
  • In camera options for RAW conversion and post processing

6. Sony Alpha a58sony alpha a58

Sony Alpha a58 gives you advanced options and creative freedom of interchangeable lens photography. Easy features and provide high quality images with the help of 20.1 mega pixels EXMOR HD APS sensor. This camera has incorporated advanced translucent mirror technology to provide you precision and speed at the same time.


High quality extended auto focus helps to take razor sharp images in just no time. Such an auto focus never leaves you along even while shooting fast moving objects. Wide range of ISO sensitivity assures consistent performance in all kinds of lighting conditions.


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Specifications of Sony Alpha a58:

  • 1 mega pixels optical sensor resolution
  • 34x optical zoom
  • mpeg-4; h.264; AVCHD video capture format
  • electronic view finder
  • 1080p full HD video making
  • ISO sensitivity range: 100 to 16,000

7. Canon EOS Rebel T5canon eos rebel t5

Budding photographers, photo enthusiasts and families love to have Canon EOS Rebel T5 by their side for effortless high quality images. You can record high quality videos and photos with the help of 18 mega pixel CMOS sensor and 3 inch LCD screen.


Intelligent auto modes like auto lighting, auto exposure, auto white balance and auto focus incorporate in the precision of your images.


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Specifications of Canon EOS Rebel T5:

  • 18 mega pixels optical sensor technology
  • 6x optical zoom
  • DIGIC 4 processor
  • 9 auto focus points
  • Average battery life of 500 photos per charge
  • Continuous shooting speed of 3fps
  • Image aspect ratio is 3:2
  • Optical view finder
  • Maximum aperture f/3.5
  • Maximum shutter speed of 1/4000 second
  • Focal length 18mm to 55mm

8. Pentax K-500:pentax k500

Pentax K-500 has made it to this list due to its comfortable and approachable features in very low price. This is a camera made for families and photographers who want to go beyond basic levels. The wide selection of simple and high tech features along with creative modes inspires innovation in any photographer.


High quality CMOS processor along with PRIME M processor ensures quality images even at the speed of 6 frames per second.


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Specifications of Pentax K-500:

  • Optical sensor resolution: 16 MP
  • CMOS photo and optical sensor technology
  • Average battery life of 710 photos
  • Continuous shooting speed: 6fps
  • Maximum shutter speed: 1/6000 second
  • Sensor shift image stabilization
  • 1080p_HD video making
  • Optical view finder

9. Pentax K-30pentax k30

Compact and fully sealed weather protected body of Pentax K-30 differentiate it from all others of this class. High standards of quality are delivered with the help of advanced photographic tools. Its user-friendly operations make it best choice for beginners because they look for ease and quality at the same time.



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16.3 effective mega pixels, wide ISO range and full HD movie recording are main features of Pentax K-30.

Specifications of Pentax K-30

  • 16 MP optical sensor resolutions
  • 3x optical zoom
  • 11 auto focus points
  • Sensor shift image stabilization
  • Extended ISO range from 100 to 12,800
  • Weight 1.43 pounds
  • 1080p full HD video recording

10. Nikon D90nikon d90

Nikon D90 inherited is 12.3 mega pixels image quality from D300 but also added up some ground breaking high tech features. EXPEED image processing and low noise image production make up biggest advantage for this camera along with high continuous shooting speed.


Nikon D90 has included a newly formed DX format CMOS sensor. The signal to noise ratio is also extra ordinary in case of Nikon D90.


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Specifications of Nikon D90:

  • 3 optical sensor resolution
  • 11 auto focus points
  • Continuous shooting speed of 4.5 frames per second
  • Optional GPS
  • CMOS optical sensor technology
  • Maximum shutter speed: 1/ 4000 second
  • Image aspect ratio is 3:2
  • Auto ISO range is 200 to 3200
  • Automatic focus type
  • Built in flash

Why Nikon D90?

Here are some reasons to explain the advantage of Nikon D90 over others in market.

  • Auto active D lighting
  • HDMI capable
  • Shutter is highly precise and durable up to 100,000 cycles
  • An option for in camera image editing
  • No regular cleaning is needed because of in camera auto sensor cleaning
  • 720p HD cinematic video quality

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